Planning and the Civic Society

Planning and the Civic Society

One of the main functions of the Civic Society is to monitor proposals that might impact on the historic core and traditions of Howden. The historic core is defined within a Conservation Area, created in 1974, and defined as an “area of special architectural or historic interest the character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”.

The character of an area depends upon its historic background, the architectural quality and interest of its buildings, their materials and detailing, the way they relate to each other, the line of the highways, the quality of the landscape, trees and open spaces and a variety of unique features.

Howden’s design statement was published in about 1990 to give construction guidance for future development or alterations.

The Civic Society should be consulted on all applications made within the Conservation Area and some outside the area which may have a significant effect on the town. The Civic Society is also consulted on relevant planning policies and issues such as the East Riding Local Plan and its Allocations Plan.

Howden also has about 70 listed buildings, predominately grade II and mostly within the Conservation Area.