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The Government has issued a White Paper entitled Planning for the Future. It proposes a radical reform of the planning system in England - claiming to be the biggest reform to the local planning system for generations. 

The local plans process would be streamlined and shortened, with standard ancillary policies determined at national level rather than locally as at present. A central feature will be the identification of zones within which development can take place.

Areas will be designated as Growth Areas, where automatic planning permission will be given subject to compliance with certain design codes, Renewal Areas where "gentle densification" will be allowed with a presumption in favour of particular uses, and Protected Areas, for example green belt and conservation areas where there will continue to be the requirement for planning approval.

There are many other issues which deserve consideration and Howden Civic Society is currently asking for comments and formulating a response before the closing date of 29th October 2020.

Civic Voice, an organisation representing Civic Societies throughout the country, has produced a briefing which is available here. This gives a little more detail.

The white paper itself is available here.