Howden Civic Society

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Howden Civic Society established a Heritage Centre in 2017. Many objects were donated or loaned to the Heritage Centre and the Centre continued to operate until December 2018. Unfortunately it was not possible to continue due to lack of funds for rent and business rates. However the Society learnt a great deal and the collections have been stored and are brought back into view at pop-up exhibitions. Plans are also being made to make the collections viewable remotely via this website.

The collections are primarily in the following categories. By clicking the title you can access the content of each collection:

1. Agriculture, horticulture and landscape

2. Cycling, cricket, football, rounders, horse racing and other sports

3. Howden Minster and the Bishops Palace

4. Hull and Barnsley Railway

5. Transport including airports, ferries, roads and bridges, stagecoaches

6. Religion

7. Music and the Arts

8. Howden horse fair

9. Other aspects of Howden's heritage