Heritage Centre to close but be re-born

Heritage Centre to close but be re-born

Due to the lack of success with grant applications to purchase 16 Market Place, Howden Heritage Centre will close at 3.0 p.m. on Sunday 28th October 2018. This does not mean the end of the Centre, as a collection of local heritage, because in future we plan to operate a central store and base and hold ‘pop-up’ exhibitions throughout Howden and Howdenshire.

Our valued team of volunteers have donated their time generously since we opened in April 2017. Their friendliness and local knowledge has been recognised and valued by the 5,500 visitors we have welcomed since we opened. You can see the comments in the Visitors’ Book in the Centre.

This new plan should enable the collection to continue to grow and make it more widely accessible but at a much reduced cost. The Bishops Palace excavation in the Centre’s back garden should be unaffected by the Centre’s closure as the landlord has kindly agreed that the excavation can continue.

If anyone can help us realise this new plan by letting us know of premises that we can use as a store and base for the collection, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact Howden Civic Society by email at info@howdencivicsociety.co.uk or by post at

Howden Civic Society, c/o Shire Hall, Market Place, Howden, DN14 7BJ.


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